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Labor Inclusion


Aims to improve people's opportunities to be included in the labor market, supporting groups with specific needs: adolescents, adults +45 years old and people with disabilities. The program includes 8 projects in Buenos Aires City, Buenos Aires Province and Córdoba.


“Jóvenes con igualdad de oportunidades” (Young people with equal opportunities) Project  – We support this project along with "Integrar" Fundation, which helps young adults throughout their college studies, and accompanies them with a monthly tutoring. Most of them live in shanty towns in the city of Buenos Aires and the province. GBA.


Proyecto “Programa de Reinserción Laboral” (Job Placement for the Unemployed) - We support this project along with "Diagonal" Foundation, aims to improve the employability of people over 45 years old looking for a job, with the objective to broaden their possibilities of reintegration.


“Servicio de Integración Laboral” (Labour Inclusion Service) Project - Under the motto "under the same capacities, the same opportunities", this project helps "Par" Foundation evaluate and accompany people with motor or sensory disabilities so that they can be included in the job market.


“Talleres de inserción laboral” (Labour Inclusion Workshops) Project - Offers training workshops for parents of the "San Martín de Tours" Foundation, with the aim to achieve their personal promotion, a better labor inclusion and a better education for their children. We benefit almost 100 kids.


“Formación y trabajo” (Training and Work) Project – Along with "Forge" Foundation, the project works with young adults of between 17 and 19 years old that are still in school but in need of a job once school is over. The project seeks to build a bridge between public school and the job market.


“Juventud y trabajo para la inclusión social” (Youth and work for labour inclusion) Project- Aims to generate new development opportunities to young people in need in the province of Córdoba. The project, in partnership with "Sehas" Foundation, addresses the educational and labor inclusion problem with a proposal of group work with other social actors.

“Cosiendo Futuro” (Sewing Future) Project – Aims to train mothers of children that are attending the "Pequeños Pasos" CONIN Center in a skill that allows them to have a job opportunity. Through the donation of sewing machine and the building of a sewing room, workshops are tought throughout 4 months.


“Hacer Escuela” (Make School) Project – Aims to level the knowledge of 200 students from 16-23 years old from the "Padre Mugica" School in the city of Buenos Aires throughout the work of 2 professors working outside the classroom, covering 10 hours a week each, to create spaces to learn and study subjects related to the regular school curriculum.



“TestEAR” Project – Imprived the talents of 40 young adults between 17 and 25 years old from the city of Rosario, that have fewer opportunities. Through computer training, the project encourages them to enter the labor market.


"Avancemos" (Let's Move On) Project - forms young Social Entrepeneurs, as a sequel to the program "IVP" (Invertir Vale la Pena). It aims to encourage young people to develop and lead social change vnetures advising and enhacing skills and resources. It is developed with the Civil Association "Ashoka".


"Computadoras para mi escuela" (Computers for my School) Project - It aims to equip and add value to the computer room in Filii Dei School in Villa 31 of the city of Buenos Aires.


Through the last year, more than 200 young adults, 245 adults and 147 families have been benefited. Also, mothers and fathers of the children in the programs that we support in Early Childhoold Programs could be incoporated in the Labor Inclusion Programs.