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Desde Adentro Program

Desde Adentro ("From Inside") is Caminando Juntos' program that funds small social projects by employees of member companies. Employees can submit their own projects every month to help their communities, and obtain financing of up to $8,000. An Evaluation Comitee consisting of a member of the Foundation and members of the companies choose a winner each month. 

During the whole year, employees can present projects with a budget of up to $8,000, out of wich one will be chosen each month.

Selection criteria

Projects must

  1. Be social promotion projects, not welfare projects, and must leave social capacity installed (30%)
  2. Show the capacity of generating impact in the community (20%)
  3. Submit an appropriate budget for the activities that will be developed (20%)
  4. Prioritize actions related to early childhood focus and inclusion of labor (15%)
  5. Support an organisation that has experience and legitimacy in their community (15%)

Each criterion recieves a score between 1 and 3, representing: 1 (low compliance), 2 (parcial compliance) and 3 (optimal compliance)