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Early Childhood


Promotes the stimulation of children 0-7 years to help them develop their verbal, learning and socializing skills.

"Nacer Aprendiendo" (Born Learning) Project - Contributes to the improval of the quality of formal education and early care of children of 0-6 years of vulnerable communities, through the strengthening of community-based centers and training of caregivers and parents.

Proyecto “Nacer Aprendiendo” - Busca Contribuir a la mejora de la calidad de la educación no formal y la atención temprana de los niños de 0 a 6 años de comunidades vulnerables, a través del fortalecimiento de los centros comunitarios de base y la capacitación de cuidadores  y padres.


“Comunidades Educadoras” (Educating Communities) Project - It is intended to improve the development and education of children of up to 8 years old in Villa Mercedes, San Luis Capital. Along with Arcor Foundation we support seven projects of social organizations oriented to working with children in vulnerable conditions.



"Estimulación integral con método Montessori" (Comprehensive stimulation with the Montessori method) Project - implemented in the CONIN Center in San Isidro, this project seeks to prevent malnutrition and its effects working with mothers through education and with children through comprehensive stimulation in accordance with the principles defined by the Montessori methodology.



"Primer Turno de Estimulación Integral con método Montessori" (First Turn of Comprehensive Stimulation with the Montessori method) - implemented in CONIN Center in Vicente López, it prevents malnutrition in children of the town of Villa Las Flores, and promotes comprehensive stimulation according to the principles defined by the doctor and italian educator María Montessori.


"Mano Amiga Argentina" (Helping Hand Argentina) Project - Seeks to transform the lives of children whose socio-economic and cultural environmental presents serious obstacles to their development. This is done by comprehensive training, academic excellence and personalized attention. The project will directly benefit 20 kids, enabling them the access to this quality education.


“Abriendo Puertas” (Opening Doors) Project – Provides knowledge in mathematics and English language in junior and primary classrooms, and college opportunities for seniors from two highschools in Pilar, province of Buenos Aires: Mano Amiga and San José. This program is done together with the NGO "Enseñá por Argentina" (Teach for Argentina).


"Apoyo Escolar Guadalupe" (Guadalupe School Support) Project - this project tries to provide a place in the community where kids and young people, along with their families, can find tools to improve their quality of life, through education as a trigger. 

"Jardín de Infantes El Soldadito" (El Soldadito Kindergarten) Project – This project seeks to improve the building conditions of the institution. Also, it provides furniture and teaching materials.


"Comedor Comunitario Personitas" (Personitas Community Kitchen) Project  - the goals is to provide counseling and education to children and adolescents in need.




Promotes nutrition and growth control along with prevention and education for the adquisition of healthy habits.


"Que vivan los chicos y que crezcan sanos" (Let the Children Grow Healthy) Project - promotes maternal and child health in the neighbourhood of Almirante Irizar, Pilar. Along with Sahdes Civil Association, Irizar Civil Association, and schools from the area, the project aims to generate healthy lifestlyes and access to a favorable habitat.


"Nuevamente Juntos" (Together Again) Project - Along with Pequeños Pasos CONIN Centre in Loma Hermosa, the project works with children 0-5 years that suffer from malnutrition or are at nutritional risk. It also works in nutrition and early stimulation of the children and improval in the quality of life of the families of the town of Villa La Cárcova.


"Haciendo Camino" (Making Way) Projects - One project aims to fund full-day care of Añatuya CONIN Center, which involves accompanying the nutritional recovery of the child and training of his or her mother as the main agent of healing and caring. The other one seeks to strengthen CONIN Center in Herrera through the improval of its building, its equipment and services.


“Sonríe” (Smile) Project -  Improves oral health of children aged 6 to 7 years and reduces the rate of decayed and missing teeth. It is carried out through the implementation of the PRAT System of the company 3M. This system is supported by WHO.


“Apertura 4to día de Conin Pilar” (4th day in CONIN Pilar) Project – Prevents malnutrition in conjuction with the CONIN Center in Pilar, promoting actions that contribute in the improval of living conditions of families in extreme poverty.


“Centro Materno Infantil” (Mother and Child Center) Project – Prevents nutritional problemas of children  in the San Blas neighborhood, Villa 21-24, encouraging healthy habits from an integrated approach and work with their families.


“Consolidación de la Red Conin” (Strengthening CONIN Netork – Collaborates with the management of CONIN network to guide CONIN Centers to get to faithfully replicate the methodology, so they can be consolidated and they can expand.