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Vision & Mission


Being a leader in the generation of sustainable changes through the joint effort of different stakeholders, orientated towards the neediest communities.


To promote the capacity of communities to improve their quality of life, focusing on Health and Education in Early Childhoold and Income through social investment, volunteerism, in-kind donations and corporate projects.

Our values

  • Commitment to social reality of the country.
  • Synergy and joint working.
  • Strong ethical values​​.
  • Transparent management.
  • Sustainability on each of the actions.
  • Innovation and knowledge transfer applied to the social field.
  • Respect for diversity understood as social wealth.
  • Open and fluid communication with all actors of society.

Our motto: LIVE UNITED

LIVE UNITED is a reminder to think outside ourselves; because when we do that, we have the power to change the world for the better. It is a call to action to give, join and volunteer.

LIVE UNITED is an invitation to share our communities and leave aside our differences to work together in issues that affect us all.